UK leads the way in flood data, modelling and insuretech

UK leads the way in flood data, modelling and insuretech

Climate change is doing it’s very best in keeping its head above the Covid-19 parapet. Pandemic or not, floods, subsidence and hurricanes continue to wreak havoc across the globe on a daily basis, with the increased intensity of these occurrences being very apparent.

Across the Atlantic, the United States is in the midst of mini revolution of flood modelling and clever insurance products, steered by recent changes in policy and legislation. Several UK based flood modelling specialists are within the frame to reshape how flood risk is viewed, and managed in future across the US.

At the beginning of 2020, Aaron Jones, D-Risk Group’s Flood Risk and Climate Change Lead was asked to write a brief piece for The Invading Sea, which is a collaboration by news organisations across Florida, focused on addressing the threat faced from sea-level rise. In the article, Aaron shared insights of how the use of technology is helping the United Kingdom to seek effective ways of providing flood insurance based on more accurate predictions

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